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Sandbox Intro

This video explains how to use Elephantscale sandbox

Sandbox Running Spark

This video illustrates how to run Spark using Sandbox

BigDL Tutorial – BigDL Introduction and Installation

A Video tutorial on BigDL introduction and installation

Hadoop YARN Job Flow

This video Illustrates how YARN runs jobs and recovers from failures

Legal Aspects Of New Technologies: Blockchain, AI, & IOT- PART 1

[This is a series of posts about the AI, Blockchain, and IOT – and how they relate to

Why Doctors Hate Their Computers and What Should Programmers Do to Return Love Instead of Hate

In the recent issue of the New Yorker magazine, Dr. Atul Gawande describes how he, being on the

Hadoop HDFS Operations

This video illustrates how to copy files to HDFS using nodes

Introducing BigDL: Distributed Deep Learning on Spark

Distributed Deep Learning is not easy.    While both Tensorflow and Caffe have distributed modes, they tend to

SQL Injection is Alive and Well (Invited Guest Post)

Our hacker Yosef Kerzner who helps us with Hadoop and Big Data hacking does all other kinds of

Hacking Hadoop – 2

A while back, we described hacking Hadoop through the Cloudera Manager (CM) or through Ambari. But there is so