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Cloud computing finally explained

From now on, we have let our illustrator loose. She bleached her hair and went on a rampage of cartoons that represent her own musings, and her own illustrations. She always wanted to be an “author who illustrates her books,” so now she has it. Is the term ‘mansplaining’ sexist? By coincidence, I came across […]

What is Big Data?

You ask me, what is Big Data? I will tell you, it is Mr. Data in a Big City. For continued education, I will also tell you what is poetry: Definition of Poetry It’s a whistle blown ripe in a trice, It’s the cracking of ice in a gale, It’s a night that turns green […]

Your email bounces!

Yesterday our email was gone! It was bouncing. People were calling us on the phone, sending emails to personal emails, and even chatting on Skype, to get our wonderful training 🙂 Our domain, Elephant Scale (the name that was invented and registered by Sujee), was not properly handling emails. Jokingly I recalled that this has happened to […]

Cartoon : IoT and Big Data

‘Inernet of Things‘ or ‘Connected Things‘ (or what ever the buzz word of the day is 🙂  might be the ‘killer app’ for Big Data. The amount of data that would need to be ingested and analyzed makes this a prime candidate for Big Data technologies. When we think of Big Data, we usually think […]

Big Data Cartoon: Big Data needs big muscle

Inspired possibly by this cartoon in New Yorker, our illustrator has set out to tell us that being in Big Data, your travel a lot, and of course avail yourself of the exercise facilities found in each and every hotel. My latest was a packed gym in downtown San Francisco. Lately, I’ve been noticing that trainers […]