How We Train

Course Scoping

During scoping process, Elephantscale determines the components of a course that needs to be delivered.


Course Assembly

The course is assembled using the existing standard modules. The customer is satisfied with their customized needs met, while the ES minimizes the customization expenses if any.


Course Delivery

To ensure delivery quality, Elephantscale has developed a suite of tests that automatically verify that all labs will work for the class, in the given configuration and with the current versions of all the software


Vendor Neutral Training

Why get our training? Buying training from us is like making your hotel reservation directly instead through the booking sites and avail lot of perks and advantages.


Taught by expert practitioners

We are published authors and contributors.  The trainers are prepared to assure the material delivery and the proper functioning of the labs.


Training Room

Elephantscale has developed the “Training Room” application that delivers customized materials to the students as PDF.