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  • Our trainers are expert practitioners: they do what they teach
  • We are vendor-neutral: we do not push any agenda
  • You know what you will get: our trainers teaching our materials
  • We are not resellers or aggregators
  • We can  customize our courses to fit your needs
  • We can create training for your internal portal
  • 400+ training sessions,  6000+  students, 40+ repeat clients

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Are you a job seeker and looking for a career in Big Data?  You may qualify for our ‘Job Seeker training‘ program.

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On-site and customized for your teams’ needs.

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Training Courses

Managers & Execs Getting Value from Big Data1 day / half-dayManagers, Executives
How to build a big data team
(coming soon)
on demand seminar. Managers, Executives
Big DataBig Data Essentials Bootcamp5 daysDevelopers, Data Scientists, Business Analysts
CloudAWS (Amazon Cloud) Essentials3 daysDevelopers, Architects, Admins
SparkSpark for Developers3 daysDevelopers, Data Scientists, Business Analysts
Spark for Data Analysts3 daysData analysts, Data scientists
Machine Learning with Spark4 daysData analysts, Data Scientists, Developers
HadoopHadoop for Developers4 daysDevelopers
Big Data Analytics With Hadoop3 daysBusiness Analysts, Data Scientists
Hadoop for Administrators3 daysAdmins
Advanced Hadoop3 daysDevelopers, Data Analysts
NoSQLCassandra3 daysDevelopers, Analysts
HBase3 daysDevelopers, Analysts
Data ScienceData Analytics With R / Data Science With R3 daysDevelopers, Data Analysts
Data Analytics With Python / Data Science With Python
StreamingKafka2 daysDevelopers
Streamingwith Kafka + Spark + Cassandra5 daysDevelopers, Architects
Apache Storm2 daysDevelopers
SolrIntroduction to Solr2 daysDevelopers, Admins
OtherGit2 daysDevelopers
Apache Zookeeper2 daysDevelopers
Machine Learning for Lawyers2 daysTechnical Lawyers
Using Artificial Intelligence on the Microsoft platform3 daysDevelopers, Admins