About Us

At Elephant Scale, our mission is to offer high quality services and training Big Data ecosystem. Our principals have been practicing Big Data before it was a buzz word. We understand Big Data, its potentials and its limits. We will bring our hands-on expertise to solve your problems.

Founded by industry veterans Mark Kerzner and Sujee Maniyam with extensive hands-on experience in Big Data,  Cloud and Data Science.Open source contributors, published authors and frequent speakers at conferences

  • Training without a vendor bias
  • We offer vendor neutral Hadoop training – no hidden agendas.
  • Big Expertise in Big Data
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  • We love open source
  • We believe in open source. Check out our open source page.

Our Team

Mark Kerzner

Mark Kerzner, Co-Founder & President

Sujee Maniyam

Co-Founder & CEO

Rod Davison

Developer, Researcher, Author and Speaker

Sunil Garg

dataVediK, CEO

Rick Parimi

Founder and CEO, Alexis Networks, Inc

Farshid Mehrtash

AI and Big Data trainer