About Us

At Elephant Scale, our mission is to offer high quality services and training Big Data ecosystem. Our principals have been practicing Big Data before it was a buzz word. We understand Big Data, its potentials and its limits. We will bring our hands-on expertise to solve your problems.

Founded by industry veterans Mark Kerzner and Sujee Maniyam with extensive hands-on experience in Big Data,  Cloud and Data Science.Open source contributors, published authors and frequent speakers at conferences

  • Training without a vendor bias
  • We offer vendor neutral Hadoop training – no hidden agendas.
  • Big Expertise in Big Data
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  • We love open source
  • We believe in open source. Check out our open source page.

Our Team

Mark Kerzner

Mark Kerzner, Co-Founder & President

Sujee Maniyam

Co-Founder & CEO

Rod Davison

Developer, Researcher, Author and Speaker

Sunil Garg

dataVediK, CEO

Rick Parimi

Founder and CEO, Alexis Networks, Inc

Farshid Mehrtash

AI and Big Data trainer

Himanshu Kumar

Lead Data Engineer