About Us

At Elephant Scale, our mission is to offer high quality services and training Big Data ecosystem. Our principals have been practicing Big Data before it was a buzz word. We understand Big Data, its potentials and its limits. We will bring our hands-on expertise to solve your problems.

  • Training without a vendor bias
  • We offer vendor neutral Hadoop training – no hidden agendas.
  • Big Expertise in Big Data
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  • We love open source
  • We believe in open source. Check out our open source page.

Mark Kerzner, Co-Founder & President


Mark is an experienced, hands-on software architect, practicing and teaching AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Spark, Hadoop, NoSQL, and more. He worked in a variety of verticals (Hightech, Healthcare, O&G, Legal, Fintech). His classes are hands-on and draw heavily on his industry experience. Mark is certified in Google Cloud (GCP), Amazon (AWS), and Hadoop.

Mark is an author and maintainer for a popular open source project for lawyers and researchers, FreeEed, which deals with search and massive scalability.


Sujee Maniyam, Co-Founder & CEO


Sujee has been developing software for 15 years. In the last few years he has been consulting and teaching Hadoop, NOSQL and Cloud technologies.
Sujee stays active in Hadoop / Open Source community. He runs a developer focused meetup and Hadoop hackathons called ‘Big Data Gurus’. He has presented at variety of meetups.

Sujee contributes to Hadoop project and other open source projects. He writes about Hadoop and other technologies on his website.



Timothy Fox, Big Data Architect


Timothy Fox is an experienced Big Data Architect and Data Science Consultant, specializing in Machine Learning and Deep Analytics at scale. He has consulted for many companies large and small and has taken his expertise to Europe, the Middle East, and South Asia as well.

Timothy is active in organizing Hadoop, Spark, and Data Science meetups as well as speaking about topics of interest to Big Data professionals.