Elephant Scale focuses on Big Data vertical products, consulting and training.  The Elephant Scale team is well known in Big Data ecosystem; it has successfully delivered multiple Big Data projects, published books and presented at conferences.

Big Data Education / Training

We have taught hundreds of Big Data classes to thousands of students.  Our trainings are taught by Big Data experts and are very well received; some of our clients have been getting our training for three years, dozens of times, in regular and advanced Big Data areas.

Big data consulting

We advise on strategy, design and implementation of Big Data projects.  Our clients range from startups to Fortune 100 Enterprises. We often work in ‘advisory architect’ capacity with our clients’ teams.

Domain Expertise

We have worked in and developed applications in the following domains. 

  • Power/smart meters/client analytics.
    Multiple projects covering smart meter processing and resulting in better marketing, customer analytics and understanding, market-competitive offers, etc.
  • Online advertise (ad-tech)
    Analyzing online ad clicks and optimizing ad targeting
  • Credit risk analytics
    Batch and realtime analysis of client creditworthiness, based on machine learning.
  • Healthcare
    Health records processing and integration, including real-time emergency room recordings with machine learning and analytics.
  • Legal and data governance
    Very deep expertise in the needs of legal and regulatory departments of corporations, eDiscovery, document review, batch and realtime document analytics, machine learning, document understanding, and implementing corporate rules and monitoring based on watching the documents and email.
  • Machine learning Search and text analytics.
  • DARPA/Memex – We work on a multi-year contract with DARPA to develop smart technologies to fight sex trafficking and labor trafficking, as part of DARPA’s Memex program.