Training is Changing

We have been providing training for many years, and we do love in-person training.

(The one on the right is actually us! 🙂  )

However, in recent times the need for virtual training has gone up.

The COVID-19 epidemic of 2020 has put severe restrictions on travel and group gatherings.
It could be a while when life and work resume back to normal.
But learning does not have to stop!
In response to COVID, we are providing online, instructor-led training.

Delivering Top-Notch Virtual Training

We have been delivering virtual training for some time now. And we like to alleviate some of the concerns you might have about virtual training.

Self-Paced vs. Instructor-Led

Self-paced classes have their place.  But most of them failed to deliver for the following reasons.

  • A lot of students enroll in online classes, but very few percentages, actually complete them.
  • This is because many professionals do not have extra time to sit through self-paced courses.
  • Most self-paced classes tend to be monotonic and don’t keep audiences’ interest

Here is how our online classes are different

  • Our virtual classes are live, instructor-led.  Having an expert trainer delivering training keeps it focused and interesting.
  • The instructor can answer questions, and foster discussions.  Not only this keeps the class lively, but it also promotes knowledge sharing
  • The classes can be tailor-made for your needs


One size fit all vs Tailor Made

A lot of online training is designed for ‘mass appeal’.  They are not targeted to your team’s needs.

We take our time to understand your requirements and can tailor-make our class to fit your needs.


Cloud-Based / ‘Zero-Install’ Learning Environment

We deliver our training using a cloud-based lab environment.  We have developed this system so students’ do not have to install any software on their laptops for training.

This environment is field-tested in the most restrictive environments (banks, military bases ..etc)

The system uses industry-standard Docker technology; so after the training, students can keep the same training environment on their laptops and continue practicing!

We’d be happy to give you a demo!


Boring vs. Engaging

Let’s face it, most of the online training is delivered in a monotonous tone with slides.

No wonder, it puts people to sleep.

Our virtual classes are designed to be fun and engaging.  We do frequent Q&A sessions, encourage discussions, and do team competitions.


Technology has Evolved

Virtual meetings are no longer mundane, coma-inducing affairs.

Gone are the old days of listening to someone drone over the speakerphone.

The new tools (like Zoom, Webex ..etc) are much more interactive.  Participants can see each other and interact with each other seamlessly.