Course Scoping

During the scoping call, ES determines the components of a course that needs to be delivered. Part of this assessment is to verify that the requested course falls within ES are of specialization.

The scoping call is, of course, a must in the preparation for the course delivery. During the scoping call, we find out about the students, the group, their current level of knowledge and their expectations for the course delivery. 

Any member of our team can do the scoping call. It results in a precise specification of the course outline. We will then deliver this course outline if it differs from the existing ones on our site, and the customer will have the chance to evaluate it and to provide their feedback. 

Keep in mind that our goal is to provide the same quality of delivery as you would expect from a custom course but with the price and timeline of a standard pre-existing one. In the world of tailored bespoke suits, this is “taking the measurements” session.