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Tale of two conferences : Hadoop / Spark

Hadoop summit was in San Jose this week — and next week there is Spark summit in San

Review of Apache Flume book (Packt), second edition

This is a second edition of the Apache Flume book, and it covers the latest Flume version 5.2.

Spark is your friend? – We’ll see about that

  Spark is your friend? – We’ll see about that.   Spark likes to pretend that it is

Why is Spark a winner? – The second reason

In my last installment I described how Microsoft missed its chance to be the leader in the Big

The irony of the story (Microsoft, Hadoop and Dryad)

  Microsoft’s relationship with Hadoop was for a long time ambiguous: from a rumor about “Hadoop on Azure”

SkilledUp Interviews Sujee Maniyam on Apache Spark

SkilledUp Interview on Apache Spark

KDNuggets Features our Hadoop Workshop by Sujee Maniyam (2015-04 Apr)

Our Hadoop workshop @ Big Data bootcamp on 2015-March-23 is featured here by KDNuggets

Hadoop Illuminated Book

Gentle Introduction of Hadoop and Big Data We are writing a book on Hadoop with the following goals

Understanding Spark caching

Spark is great for cached data.  Take a look here to understand various caching options for spark. Read

HBase Design Patterns

Readers would be pleased to know that we have teamed up with Packt Publishing to organize a Giveaway