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You do not need to throw your AI certificates and diplomas out of the window. You just need

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[This is a series of posts about the AI, Blockchain, and IOT – and how they relate to

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Abstract In this paper, we show how to apply machine learning to pricing and discounts. The goal is

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IoT: Top 10 Things you need to know – The non-fluff version

Earlier today I saw an image from this tweet: I thought I saw a few problems with it.

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The merger of Baker Hughes with GE’s oil and gas division closed this Monday. Said Lorenzo Simonelli, the

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If you are into learning languages, take a look at the Glossika startup. I believe it offers the

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Machine learning is arguably the next most exciting thing to happen in healthcare. However, there is a gap

Smart Meters Texas – Case Study

A smart meter processing company was having trouble with its solution. Although based on Big Data, it was