BigDL Intro 4 Docker Sandbox

A video tutorial on Large scale Deep Learning with BigDL

BigDL Intro Docker Sandbox

In this video, we discuss large scale Deep Learning with BigDL

BigDL Tutorial – BigDL Introduction and Installation

A Video tutorial on BigDL introduction and installation

Introducing BigDL: Distributed Deep Learning on Spark

Distributed Deep Learning is not easy.    While both Tensorflow and Caffe have distributed modes, they tend to

Houston Baker Hughes Oil Services Merger, IoT, and Big Data

The merger of Baker Hughes with GE’s oil and gas division closed this Monday. Said Lorenzo Simonelli, the

How to start your career in Big Data (by Mark Kerzner)

When my friend and co-founder Sujee Maniyam presented his “Launching Your Career in Big Data” at SNIA, it

What does Indian classical music have to do with Big Data?

2016 promises to be a great year for Indian music in Houston. At this moment you might be

Review of “Apache Flume” second edition by Steve Hoffman

This is the second edition of the Apache Flume book, and it covers the latest Flume version 5.2. The

Smart Meters Texas – Case Study

A smart meter processing company was having trouble with its solution. Although based on Big Data, it was

KDNuggets Features our Hadoop Workshop by Sujee Maniyam (2015-04 Apr)

Our Hadoop workshop @ Big Data bootcamp on 2015-March-23 is featured here by KDNuggets