Tensorflow2-GPU (Nvidia) + Ubuntu 18.04 + Anaconda + Jupyter – Setup guide

This guide is verified as of 2020 May, with Tensorflow version 2.1.0 Background I recently got GPU version

The Three Pillars of Success for Your AI Projects

You do not need to throw your AI certificates and diplomas out of the window. You just need

AI is Dead — Long Live AI!

To summarize, many people learn AI today. In fact, too many. And when the crowd does something, they

The Future of AI (and what you can do about it)

AI is the new electricity, says Andrew Ng. He continues to say that the only competitive advantage of

Legal Aspects Of New Technologies: Blockchain, AI, & IOT- PART 1

[This is a series of posts about the AI, Blockchain, and IOT – and how they relate to

Why Doctors Hate Their Computers and What Should Programmers Do to Return Love Instead of Hate

In the recent issue of the New Yorker magazine, Dr. Atul Gawande describes how he, being on the

Optimizing Retail Discounts with Machine Learning

Abstract In this paper, we show how to apply machine learning to pricing and discounts. The goal is

IoT: Top 10 Things you need to know – The non-fluff version

Earlier today I saw an image from this tweet: I thought I saw a few problems with it.

Continuous builds for open source projects

At ElephantScale, we practice what we preach. Here is one example. Our FreeEed project is open source eDiscovery,

IBM Strategy for Spark

Last month, Garrett Young of IBM presented at our Houston Hadoop & Spark Meetup. The topic was an