From Scala to Python in Spark

Scala Vs. Python Spark’s native language is Scala, a fine language, but in many ways Spark seems more

Teaching Big Data in Bentonville

  Every time I go and work or teach at a company whose name nobody knows (this beginning can

How to start your career in Big Data (by Mark Kerzner)

When my friend and co-founder Sujee Maniyam presented his “Launching Your Career in Big Data” at SNIA, it


  Introduction to Big Data You Will Learn How To: Integrate Big Data components to create an appropriate

Learning Scala By Example, Chapter 2

In the previous, first installment, I explained why it is worth your while to learn Scala. Now I

Learning Scala by Example

This is an inaugural post in the series of “Learning Scala by Example,” which is a play on

The Power of Text Analytics at DARPA/Memex

Elephant Scale is proud to be part of the DARPA Memex team. One of the things we are

Spark Summit 2015 highlights and recap

(Disclaimer : This is not an official post from Databricks) Spark Summit 2015 in San Francisco was well attended.  Kudos

Spark is your friend? – We’ll see about that

  Spark is your friend? – We’ll see about that.   Spark likes to pretend that it is

Why is Spark a winner? – The second reason

In my last installment I described how Microsoft missed its chance to be the leader in the Big