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Learning Scala by Example, chapter 4

Please note that I am skipping chapter 3. Chapter 3 is a “running ahead of myself” type of chapter. It shows examples of what is possible for you in the future, with Actors and Messages. It is there to keep your interested in learning further. But the actual meat of Scala continues in chapter 4, […]

Learning Scala By Example, Chapter 2

In the previous, first installment, I explained why it is worth your while to learn Scala. Now I want to introduce you to chapter 2 of “Scala by Example.” Remember, I am not writing a new book, but elucidating the one by Martin Oderski. This chapter teaches functional programming. In brief, functional programming means, “If […]

Learning Scala by Example

This is an inaugural post in the series of “Learning Scala by Example,” which is a play on words. I mean learning the book titled “Scala by Example,” and as a side benefit, learning the Scala language itself. Learning Scala may be one of the most exciting journeys of your life. The language was designed […]