From Scala to Python in Spark

Scala Vs. Python Spark’s native language is Scala, a fine language, but in many ways Spark seems more popular than Scala.   I’m often asked why Spark’s creators chose Scala.  Given that the Spark framework runs on the  JVM, that really limited the choices of language to venerable Java or new-kid-on-the-block Scala.   As Spark’s […]

Cloud computing finally explained

From now on, we have let our illustrator loose. She bleached her hair and went on a rampage of cartoons that represent her own musings, and her own illustrations. She always wanted to be an “author who illustrates her books,” so now she has it. Is the term ‘mansplaining’ sexist? By coincidence, I came across […]

Fighting ageism – really?

March 2017 issue of SD Times has a “Fighting ageism” picture on the cover. The main article is “Old developers can learn new tricks”. The author takes a two-prong approach: quoting (rare) managers who find value in older programmers, and talking about individual older developers who are “reinventing themselves.” I need to state emphatically that […]

Teaching Big Data in Bentonville

Every time I go and work or teach at a company whose name nobody knows (this beginning can be understood in the key of “En un lugar de la Mancha, de cuyo nombre no quiero acordarme, no ha mucho tiempo que vivía un hidalgo”) – I always visit the local museum of American art. But those […]

Speaking @ FLGISA (2017-01-25) (Sujee Maniyam)

Download the presentation Schedule a FREE 1-1 consultation with speaker Sujee Maniyam We can help you train your team in Big Data & Data Science Learn about Big Data Use Cases in real world. Conference: Predictive Analytics and Big Data Conference Agenda When :  2017-01-25 Where:  Orlando, FL Speaker: Sujee Maniyam Title: Understanding Big Data […]

What is Big Data?

You ask me, what is Big Data? I will tell you, it is Mr. Data in a Big City. For continued education, I will also tell you what is poetry: Definition of Poetry It’s a whistle blown ripe in a trice, It’s the cracking of ice in a gale, It’s a night that turns green […]