How to prepare for the Cloudera Data Scientist Certification Exam

At our Houston Hadoop Meetup, Austin Sun showed how to prepare for the Cloudera Data Scientist Certification exam. Austin has prepared for this presentation for quite a

while, passed the certification himself, and now shared his experience with others.

The certification is definitely recommended by Sujee Maniyam in his “Launching Your Career in Big Data” presentation. It is especially useful in new and in-demand areas. Here is a study on the Big Data salaries in general and the effect of certification in particular.

There are two tracks: Data Scientist and Data Engineer. The first explores the data, the second one builds system. The two share a lot in common, but Data Scientist understands and helps the business, while the Data Engineer concentrates more on software engineering. Austin explained what tools you need to know, how to register for the exam, and how to practice, in order to make it on the first try.

Here are his slides.

We wish you a great Big Data journey.

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