ML Engineering – Ask Us Anything – Q&A (FREE)

May 28, 2020
Start Time
4pm PST
End Time
6pm PST


This is part of Machine Learning Engineering and DevOps Learning Series.

In this session we will take your questions.

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What you will learn

  • Ask us any thing related to machine learning, job prospects…etc

Intended Audience

Developers, DevOps, Data Scientists


Session Recap

Wow, we had so many great questions, like

  • What skills do I need to become an ML Engineer
  • What kind of salary can we expect
  • Can you compare Tensorflow & Pytorch
  • What do you think of Julia language
  • ..etc

Watch the video for fascinating discussion by Mike.  And Mike also demonstrates how to keep up with cutting edge research in ML.


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Mike Kane

Mike Kane is a Senior Data Scientist specializing in Natural Language Processing. He has a passion for Deep Learning, and has professionally trained teams from multiple Fortune 100 companies in ML and AI

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