Most of the machine learning is focused on building models. But productionizing machine learning takes more than building a model. We need to figure out train the model at scale, how to effectively use GPU and Cloud technologies. And finally how to test, deploy and monitor models.

This series will focus on Machine Learning Engineering (MLE) and DevOps.

This series is organized as weekly sessions.  Each session is independent.  So you can pick and choose which sessions you want to attend.

This is part of our Learning Series.

This is a live, instructor-led, virtual class.

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Session Recordings

Session recordings will be available after each live session.
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Intended Audience

Developers, DevOps, Data Scientists


  • Some knowledge of machine learning is preferred but not required
  • A background in development, data science

What to Bring

  • We will provide code snippets for you to learn and experiment
  • Please bring a reasonably modern laptop (Corporate laptops with overly restrictive firewalls may not work well;  Personal laptops are recommended)
  • Want to setup a Machine Learning environment  on your laptop?

Session Format

  • Each session is about 2 hours
  • lectures + hands-on



Session 1: A Tour of TensorFlow (2020 Apr 09)

Session 2: Speeding up training using GPU and TPU (2020 Apr 16)

Session 3: Monitoring training using callbacks and tensorboard  (2020 Apr 23)

Session 4: Training in the cloud using GPU (2020 Apr 30)

Session 5: Model serving (2020 May 14  rescheduled from May 07)

Session 6: Scalable machine learning with Apache Spark (2020 May 21)

Session 7: Scalable model serving architectures (2020 May 28)

Session 7B : Recap session – AUA (Ask Us Anything)  (2020 May 28)

More Sessions to come

check back soon



Sujee Maniyam

Sujee Maniyam is a seasoned practitioner and founder of Elephant Scale.  He teaches and consults in AI (machine learning and deep learning) and Big Data  (Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL) and and Cloud technologies.  

He is an open source contributor, author ( ‘Hadoop illuminated‘ and ‘HBase Design Patterns‘)  and speaker at conferences.  He also advises and mentors various companies and organizations.

Linkedin  |  Github

Mike Kane

Mike Kane is a Senior Data Scientist specializing in Natural Language Processing. He has a passion for Deep Learning, and has professionally trained teams from multiple Fortune 100 companies in ML and AI

Linkedin  | Github

Session Recordings (On-Demand)