Data Science with Python

Published by: LinkedIn Created by: Tim Fox, Principal @ Elephant Scale This course shows how to review and derive information

BigDL Intro 4 Docker Sandbox

A video tutorial on Large scale Deep Learning with BigDL

BigDL Intro Docker Sandbox

In this video, we discuss large scale Deep Learning with BigDL

Analytics Zoo Spark Pipeline

This video explains how to integrate Analytics Zoo with Apache Spark Machine Learning lib and its data frames

Example Python Data Science Screencast

This screencast discusses Scalability and PySpark in Data science. It explains how to use the Spark framework together

BigDL Tutorial – BigDL Introduction and Installation

A Video tutorial on BigDL introduction and installation

Introducing BigDL: Distributed Deep Learning on Spark

Distributed Deep Learning is not easy.    While both Tensorflow and Caffe have distributed modes, they tend to

From Spark MLLib 1.0 to Spark ML 2.1

This is part of our migrating/updating to Spark 2 series. See all our posts on Spark and Spark2.

From Scala to Python in Spark

Scala Vs. Python Spark’s native language is Scala, a fine language, but in many ways Spark seems more

Installing Tachyon (In-Memory-File-System) As A Cluster

This post shows how to setup and configure Tachyon as a cluster. Quick Pointers: Tachyon Home Page Version