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17 Nov 2015
Sujee Maniyam is speaking at the following conference. Conference: Predictive Analytics and Big Data Conference Agenda (pdf) When :  2015-11-16 Where:  Burlingame, CA Title: Modern... Read More
29 Oct 2015
Sujee Maniyam will be speaking at the following conference. Conference :   Big Data Bootcamp at the Global Big Data Conference in Santa Clara (download agenda... Read More
16 Oct 2015
16 Oct 2015
We had a great webinar! Thanks for all the interest and all your questions! Here is the webinar recording  And here are the slides:... Read More
15 Oct 2015
Cartoon : IoT and Big Data
Sujee ManiyamPosted in: Cartoons 0
‘Inernet of Things‘ or ‘Connected Things‘ (or what ever the buzz word of the day is 🙂  might be the ‘killer app’ for Big... Read More
11 Oct 2015
Please note that I am skipping chapter 3. Chapter 3 is a “running ahead of myself” type of chapter. It shows examples of what... Read More
09 Oct 2015
Hacking Hadoop
Mark KerznerPosted in: Dev Stuff 1
How do you hack Hadoop? Here is what we did. We took our team hacker (whom we will call Mr. Hacker, because he prefers... Read More
09 Oct 2015
“Learning Spark” was the first published book on the subject. Six months later, there appeared a plethora of other books. This review will concern... Read More
19 Aug 2015
This post shows how to setup and configure Tachyon as a cluster. Quick Pointers: Tachyon Home Page Version 0.64 documentation Single Node Install Guide... Read More
04 Aug 2015
I just wrapped up this webinar.  Thanks for all for attending! Here are the slides & recording of the webinar. recording :  And here... Read More
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