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04 May 2017
Intro This is part of our migrating/updating to Spark 2 series. See all our posts on Spark and Spark2. In this post, we are... Read More
29 Mar 2017
If you are into learning languages, take a look at the Glossika startup. I believe it offers the most modern and efficient method for... Read More
20 Mar 2017
Scala Vs. Python Spark’s native language is Scala, a fine language, but in many ways Spark seems more popular than Scala.   I’m often... Read More
14 Mar 2017
From now on, we have let our illustrator loose. She bleached her hair and went on a rampage of cartoons that represent her own... Read More
13 Mar 2017
Here at Elephant Scale, we have worked with clients as consultants, instructors and mentors.  We have trained thousands of students in Big Data and... Read More
12 Mar 2017
Fighting ageism – really?
Mark KerznerPosted in: Book Reviews, MK 1
March 2017 issue of SD Times has a “Fighting ageism” picture on the cover. The main article is “Old developers can learn new tricks”.... Read More
09 Mar 2017
Every time I go and work or teach at a company whose name nobody knows (this beginning can be understood in the key of “En... Read More
19 Jan 2017
Download the presentation Schedule a FREE 1-1 consultation with speaker Sujee Maniyam We can help you train your team in Big Data & Data... Read More
05 Jan 2017
What is Big Data?
Mark KerznerPosted in: Cartoons, MK 0
You ask me, what is Big Data? I will tell you, it is Mr. Data in a Big City. For continued education, I will... Read More
01 Jan 2017
Machine learning is arguably the next most exciting thing to happen in healthcare. However, there is a gap between the promising developments by tech... Read More