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04 May 2017
Intro In this post, we are going to analyze a CSV datafile with Spark2, using newer SparkSession API Motivation This is a part of... Read More
20 Mar 2017
Scala Vs. Python Spark’s native language is Scala, a fine language, but in many ways Spark seems more popular than Scala.   I’m often... Read More
12 May 2016
When my friend and co-founder Sujee Maniyam presented his “Launching Your Career in Big Data” at SNIA, it became an immediate hit. I mention... Read More
11 Oct 2015
Please note that I am skipping chapter 3. Chapter 3 is a “running ahead of myself” type of chapter. It shows examples of what... Read More
09 Oct 2015
Hacking Hadoop | By Mark Kerzner
How do you hack Hadoop? Here is what we did. We took our team hacker (whom we will call Mr. Hacker, because he prefers... Read More
19 Aug 2015
This post shows how to setup and configure Tachyon as a cluster. Quick Pointers: Tachyon Home Page Version 0.64 documentation Single Node Install Guide... Read More
30 Jul 2015
In the previous, first installment, I explained why it is worth your while to learn Scala. Now I want to introduce you to chapter... Read More
20 Jul 2015
Learning Scala by Example | By Mark Kerzner
This is an inaugural post in the series of “Learning Scala by Example,” which is a play on words. I mean learning the book... Read More
11 Jul 2015
(Disclaimer : This is not an official post from Databricks) Spark Summit 2015 in San Francisco was well attended.  Kudos to the Databricks team for organizing this... Read More
02 May 2015
Spark is your friend? – We’ll see about that. Spark likes to pretend that it is your friend. For example, it is a friend... Read More
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