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Category Archives: Cartoons
14 Mar 2017
From now on, we have let our illustrator loose. She bleached her hair and went on a rampage of cartoons that represent her own... Read More
05 Jan 2017
What is Big Data? | By Mark Kerzner
You ask me, what is Big Data? I will tell you, it is Mr. Data in a Big City. For continued education, I will... Read More
12 May 2016
When my friend and co-founder Sujee Maniyam presented his “Launching Your Career in Big Data” at SNIA, it became an immediate hit. I mention... Read More
03 Feb 2016
Your email bounces! | By Mark Kerzner
Yesterday our email was gone! It was bouncing. People were calling us on the phone, sending emails to personal emails, and even chatting on... Read More
02 Feb 2016
Today we inaugurate the series of blog posts called “Big Data Famous People.”   This here is Konstantin Boudnik. A graduate of St. Petersburg... Read More
15 Oct 2015
Cartoon : IoT and Big Data | By Sujee Maniyam
‘Inernet of Things‘ or ‘Connected Things‘ (or what ever the buzz word of the day is 🙂  might be the ‘killer app’ for Big... Read More
12 Jun 2015
Hadoop summit was in San Jose this week — and next week there is Spark summit in San Francisco.  This cartoon explores Hadoop as... Read More
15 Feb 2015
You may not be certain that elephants get credit cards, but one thing is for sure – credit cards get Apache Hadoop in a... Read More
28 Oct 2014
Inspired possibly by this cartoon in New Yorker, our illustrator has set out to tell us that being in Big Data, your travel a lot,... Read More
08 Sep 2014
Silicon Valley may be the leader in Big Data, but when you compare it to New York, it is underwhelming. gives 994 Hadoop... Read More