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11 Apr 2018
Distributed Deep Learning is not easy.    While both Tensorflow and Caffe have distributed modes, they tend to be used for a single node... Read More
25 Dec 2017
Our hacker Yosef Kerzner who helps us with Hadoop and Big Data hacking does all other kinds of exploits. Here is his latest on... Read More
07 Nov 2017
Hacking Hadoop – 3
Mark KerznerPosted in: Hacking 0
Another idea (which came about in a conversation with a security guardian at a company where I was teaching). Create millions of entries in... Read More
29 Aug 2017
Hacking Hadoop – 2
Mark KerznerPosted in: Hacking 0
A while back, we described hacking Hadoop through the Cloudera Manager (CM) or through Ambari. But there is so much more to hack! Here is... Read More
07 Aug 2017
A Unique Proposal
Mark KerznerPosted in: Training 0
Today, many companies want to create their own custom training content, in their own format. We at Elephant Scale are experts at this. We... Read More
07 Aug 2017
Abstract In this paper, we show how to apply machine learning to pricing and discounts. The goal is to create the optimal discounting strategy,... Read More
28 Jul 2017
Training is an important part of any business today. Whether it is reading a book, learning online, or learning in class, but the pace... Read More
21 Jul 2017
Earlier today I saw an image from this tweet: I thought I saw a few problems with it. So I decided to give the... Read More
04 Jul 2017
The merger of Baker Hughes with GE’s oil and gas division closed this Monday. Said Lorenzo Simonelli, the new chief executive of Baker Hughes... Read More
02 Jul 2017
At our Houston Hadoop Meetup, Austin Sun showed how to prepare for the Cloudera Data Scientist Certification exam. Austin has prepared for this presentation... Read More