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Category Archives: Training
07 Aug 2017
A Unique Proposal | By Mark Kerzner
Today, many companies want to create their own custom training content, in their own format. We at Elephant Scale are experts at this. We... Read More
07 Aug 2017
Abstract In this paper, we show how to apply machine learning to pricing and discounts. The goal is to create the optimal discounting strategy,... Read More
28 Jul 2017
Training is an important part of any business today. Whether it is reading a book, learning online, or learning in class, but the pace... Read More
02 Jul 2017
At our Houston Hadoop Meetup, Austin Sun showed how to prepare for the Cloudera Data Scientist Certification exam. Austin has prepared for this presentation... Read More
27 Jun 2017
At ElephantScale, we practice what we preach. Here is one example. Our FreeEed project is open source eDiscovery, and it is popular with lawyers,... Read More
16 Jun 2017
MOOC or in-class training? | By Mark Kerzner
In his article, “How the pioneers of MOOC got it all wrong,” Robert Ubell quotes surprising statistics. To-day, 58 million people have signed up... Read More
08 Jun 2017
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are certainly all the rage today. AI will touch everyone, it will change lives and careers in a... Read More