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12 May 2014
Just look at all the wonderful students. We got to teach one day of the Global Big Data Conference. By now, with our experience... Read More
09 Apr 2014
Elephant Scale, a provider of Big Data training, implementations, and vertical Hadoop product applications, is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed the... Read More
07 Apr 2014
How so? Cloudera gets an “insane amount” of 900M investment, and HortonWorks – 100M. What does this mean? – Depends on who you ask. Reuters... Read More
31 Mar 2014
What was so amazing about our March 28-30 bootcamp? A number of things: We collected more than twenty students altogether (with some remotes and some... Read More
18 Mar 2014
On the one hand, you have this view: “Big Data Adoption A Big Headache For Some Companies” (thanks to my friend Jeff for pointing... Read More
11 Mar 2014
Cartoon: Data is the New Oil
Mark KerznerPosted in: Cartoons 0
People often say that “Data is the New Oil.” You have Kaggle predicting where and how you will find oil, but you also have the... Read More
07 Mar 2014
Why is Houston special? There is very little of Big Data going in Houston now, and many tried but failed to have a course... Read More
05 Mar 2014
Linus Torvalds is an amazing man, and without him much of Big Data development would not be where it is now. This is our... Read More
24 Feb 2014
Which is better, Enterprise Data Warehouse or Hadoop? Here is our artist’s simple answer. Read More
21 Feb 2014
Cartoon – the rise of the data scientist
ElephantScale AdminPosted in: Cartoons 0
According to many – and here is an article on this that I liked – data scientist is one of the most demanded professions. For each... Read More