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09 Mar 2017
Every time I go and work or teach at a company whose name nobody knows (this beginning can be understood in the key of “En... Read More
30 Apr 2016
Spark | By Elephant Scale
Introduction to Big Data You Will Learn How To: Integrate Big Data components to create an appropriate Data Lake Select the correct Big Data... Read More
14 Jul 2015
Elephant Scale is proud to be part of the DARPA Memex team. One of the things we are focusing on in the DARPA Memex program is... Read More
08 Jun 2015
The 8th Annual Hadoop Summit, the leading conference for the Apache Hadoop community, is quickly approaching. This great event features numerous Apache Hadoop thought... Read More
13 Nov 2013
Hadoop in Cloud — Plenty of Choices | By ElephantScale Admin
Want to run Hadoop in the cloud? Good news is, right about now you have some pretty good choices from major cloud providers. 1)... Read More
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