Why Choose Elephant Scale

Vendor Neutral

We don’t push any products; we teach core technology which can be applied to any vendor. This approach ensures standardization, non-proprietary design principles, and unbiased business practices.

Taught by Industry Experts

Founded by Industry veterans and taught by expert Big Data practitioners. We are open source authors and enthusiasts. We have authored open source projects and contributed to many other projects with extensive hands-on experience in Big Data, Cloud and Data Science. We’ve been practicing Big Data before it was a buzz word.

Customized courseware

We customize the curriculum to fit our client’s needs. Our trainers write all their materials. We provide turnkey, ready-to-run lab environments in the cloud.  This ensures consistently high-quality delivery and can scale to very large training volumes.

Help Implement big data projects

Our aim is to train your own team in Big Data!  Since they already know your business needs, they would be the best people to apply Big Data technologies to solve your business challenges.ES team has experienced architects who have led and implemented many Big Data projects

Repeat Customers

400+ training sessions, 6000+ students, 40+ repeat customers