Ransomeware – where are we today?

October 15, 2021
Start Time
10:00 AM PST
End Time
11:00 AM PST


In the latest news, BlackMatter, a ransomware group that claimed it would avoid targeting critical infrastructure, has ransomed New Cooperative, an Iowa-based farm services provider, asking for USD$5.9m. They told New Cooperative they were not critical infrastructure.

Our latest class on security was completely full because someone has ransomed an organization similar to theirs.

While there is no magic solution, we will discuss the current landscape, talk ransomware negotiators, US government moves, and other useful advice


October 15 Friday 2021, 10 AM PST/12 PM CST/1 PM EST


Mark Kerzner is an experienced, hands-on software architect, practicing and teaching AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Spark, Hadoop, NoSQL, and more. He worked in a variety of verticals (Hightech, Healthcare, O&G, Legal, Fintech). His classes are hands-on and draw heavily on his industry experience. Mark is certified in Google Cloud (GCP), Amazon (AWS), and Hadoop. He is also an author and maintainer for a popular open-source project for lawyers and researchers, FreeEed, which deals with search and massive scalability

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