Hugging Face (Webinar Series)

December 2, 2022
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About this Series

Do you remember a fairy tale? How a hen laid an egg, a golden one? So the grandfather could not break it, the grandmother could not break it, but a tiny mouse did it. Microsoft wanted to deal with information, not applications, and they put the document name up front and “Microsoft Word” next. Google wanted to “democratize AI” with TensorFlow, but Facebook took the lead away with PyTorch.

Now, a mouse (not so tiny, 2B valuation), Hugging Face, has taken the lead away from all and is used by 2,000 large companies. How did they do it? What do they give you for your AI implementations? Come to our information-packed webinar!


  • A background in programming is highly recommended. 
  • Willingness to help others, and flexible with our schedules 

Class Recording

Session 1 – Hugging Face

Session 2 – Hugging Face

Session 3 – Transformer pipelines

Session 4 – How to investigate other ready models

Session 5: ChatGPT, GPT3, Summarization

Session 6: Pipelines, preparing the data, and fine-tuning the model

Session 7: Fine-tuning the models