Advances in AI (every Friday)

July 26, 2024
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This will be a weekly ongoing series focused on a hands-on overview of the latest developments for the past weeks such as ChatGPT, Open AI, Hugging Face, etc. Attendees get to experience first-hand the latest developments in AI. It is an ongoing guided tour through the API, services, and code on the provided powerful virtual machines.


Every Friday at  10 AM PST/12 PM CST/1 PM EST


Mark Kerzner is an experienced, hands-on software architect, practicing and teaching AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Spark, Hadoop, NoSQL, and more. He worked in a variety of verticals (Hightech, Healthcare, O&G, Legal, Fintech). His classes are hands-on and draw heavily on his industry experience. Mark is certified in Google Cloud (GCP), Amazon (AWS), and Hadoop. He is also an author and maintainer for a popular open-source project for lawyers and researchers, FreeEed, which deals with search and massive scalability


Advances in AI Playlist

Session 66: Generative AI for Software, a new course from Deep Learning AI (2024-07-19)

Session 65: Prompt Compression and Query Optimization (2024-07-12)

Session 64: A tour of OpenAI labs(2024-07-05)

Session 63: How SQL Generation is done(2024-06-27)

Session 62: AI Agents in Langraph(2024-06-14)

Session 61: AI Agents in Langraph(2024-06-07)

Session 60: AI Agentic Design Patterns, AI Tutor plan(2024-05-31)

Session 59: Building Multimodel Search and RAG(2024-05-24)

Session 58: Building Multimodel Search and RAG(2024-05-17)

Session 57: Building Agentic RAG with Llamaindex(2024-05-10)

Session 56: Intro to Google Vertex (2024-05-03)

Session 55: AI agents with low code, hallucinations(2024-04-26)

Session 54: Quantization Fundamentals(2024-04-19)

Session 53: Amazon models in Sagemaker and Bedrock(2024-04-12)

Session 52:  How to Hack AI (2024-04-05)

Session 51:  Javascript with RAG(2024-03-29)

Session 50:  How to read an LLM paper(2024-03-22)

Session 52:  Neo4J with RAG(2024-03-15)

Session 51:  Prompt Engineering (2024-03-08)

Session 50:  Text Generation Gen AI with Google Vertex – Overview(2024-03-01)

Session 49:  A deeper look into the use of Pinecone with AI apps (2024-02-23)

Session 48:  Serverless LLM with Amazon Bedrock(2024-02-16)

Session 47:  Building Applications using Vector Databases(2024-02-09)

Session 46:  Pinecone new Capabilities (2024-02-02)

Session 45:  Vector DBs such as Chroma, Pinecone, Singlestore (2024-01-26)


Session 44:  Leaderboard for LLM (2024-01-19)

Session 43:  Advanced Retrieval for AI with Chroma – part2 (2024-01-12)

Session 42:  Advanced Retrieval for AI with Chroma – part 1(2024-01-05)

Session 41: Running LLM on Phone Hardware(2023-12-29)

Session 40: AI Apps(2023-12-22)

Session 39: LLM Overview (2023-12-15)

Session 38: AI in Elastic Search (2023-12-08)

Session 37: How to build Practical Applications with ChatGPT(2023-12-01)

Session 36: Generative AI for Everyone(2023-11-24)

Session 35: Theory and Practise Session(2023-11-17)

[coming up shortly]

Session 34: OpenAI Updates(2023-11-10)

Session 33: Generative AI for Everyone(2023-11-03)

Session 32: Real Implementation of Analytics(2023-10-27)

Session 31: Use Case Presentation(2023-10-06)

Session 30: Langchain Chains(2023-09-29)

Session 29: Latest news and AI Labs(2023-09-22)

Session 28: Latest news and Labs(2023-09-15)

Session 27: Hacking AI and Basic AI Protection(2023-09-08)

Session 26: News & Colab Practise Session(2023-09-01)

Session 25: News & Colab Practise Session(2023-08-28)

Session 24: News & Colab Practise Session(2023-08-18)

Session 23: Colab, News & Practise Session(2023-08-11)

Session 22: Hacking Llama & Practise Session(2023-08-04)

Session 21: Llama 2(2023-07-28)

Session 20: Building with Bard(2023-07-21)

Session 19: Can any LLM compete with ChatGPT(2023-07-14)

Session 18: Use of ChatGPT in Legal (2023-07-07)

Session 17: Review of Recommended Courses (2023-06-30)

Session 16:Open-source Large Language Models(2023-06-23)

Session 15: Projects based on ChatGPT (2023-06-16)

Session 14: Projects based on ChatGPT (2023-06-02)

Session 13: Advances in AI (2023-05-19)

Session 12: Latest in AI news (2023-05-12)

Session 11: Hands-on Prompt Engineering(2023-05-05)

Session 10: Advances in AI(2023-04-28)

Session 9: Building Applications using ChatGPT (2023-04-21)

Session 8: Prompt Engineering (2023-04-14)

Session 7: Overview of the latest news in AI (2023-03-31)

Session 6: The latest on ChatGPT -4 (2023-03-17)

Session 5: Technical Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses of ChatGPT (2023-03-10)

Session 4: Hugging Face and AWS answer to ChatGPTs (2023-03-10)

Session 3: ChatGPT for babies, kids, and adults (2023-03-03)

Session 2: How to integrate the OpenAI model into your application (2023-02-24)

Session 1: ChatGPT (2023-02-10)