Workshop: Effective Use of Python Data Structures and Algorithms

December 11, 2020
Start Time
4:00 PM PST
End Time
6:00 PM PST

Workshop Title

“Effective use of python data structures and algorithms”


In this workshop, we will learn python data structures like lists, set, and dictionaries. We will also apply these data structures to solve some common programming tasks. This will be a hands-on class.


Fri, Dec 11, 4-6 pm PST


Anyone who knows basic python and is curious to learn python data structures


  • Some basic knowledge of python
  • Need to have access to the python programming environment. It can be a local environment on your computer or you can use a cloud environment like Google Colab. Please verify your access before the workshop.





Sujee Maniyam has been developing software for 15 years. In the last few years, he has been consulting and teaching Hadoop, NoSQL and Cloud technologies. Sujee stays active in the Hadoop / Open Source community. He runs a developer-focused meetup and Hadoop hackathons called ‘Big Data Gurus’. He has presented a variety of meetups. Sujee contributes to the Hadoop project and other open-source projects. He writes about Hadoop and other technologies on his website.