About this Series

This is a FREE series, instructor-guided self-study program to learn Machine Learning (Free and you can join anytime!)

There is a wealth of content out there for learning machine learning.  But navigating them can be very confusing and time-consuming.

In this series, we will provide guidance and help for anyone wishing to learn Machine Learning

We will be following this learning path

A Learning Path for Machine Learning

How it Works

  • This is a self-study series;  participants will be dedicating a few hours a week to go through materials
  • We will provide curated content 
  • There is a live instructor hour each week to support the learning.  We will answer questions, provide guidance
  • A slack channel and google group will be available for participants to help each other


  • Please note, this is not a webinar;  Participants are expected to learn the topics and work on exercises.  Please make sure you can dedicate at least 3-4 hours each week to get the most of this series
  • Background in programming is highly recommended.  We will use Python as our language.  First few sessions will focus on learning Python
  • Willingness to help others, and flexible with our schedules


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