About this Series

This will be a weekly ongoing series focused on a hands-on overview of the latest developments in the past weeks such as ChatGPT, Open AI, Hugging Face, etc. Attendees get to experience first-hand the latest developments in AI. It is an ongoing guided tour through the API, services, and code on the provided powerful virtual machines.


  • A background in programming is highly recommended. 
  • Willingness to help others, and flexible with our schedules


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Class Recording

Advances in AI Playlist

Session 1: ChatGPT

Session 2: How to integrate the OpenAI model into your application

Session 3: ChatGPT for babies, kids, and adults

Session 4: Hugging Face and AWS answer to ChatGPTs

Session 5: Technical Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses of ChatGPT

Session 6: The latest on ChatGPT -4

Session 7: Overview of the latest news in AI

Session 8: Prompt Engineering

Session 9: Building Applications using ChatGPT

Session 10: Advances in AI(2023-04-28)

Session 11: Hands-on Prompt Engineering(2023-05-05)

Session 12: Latest in AI news (2023-05-12)