We offer a special training for people who are job seekers and looking for a career in Big Data.

Who Qualifies

  • You are actively looking for a job (looking while employed doesn’t count :-))
  • Want to have a career in Big Data / Data Science
  • Fresh graduates looking for their first job can apply too
  • Currently, we are only accepting applicants from North America, Europe, and Australia

More Eligibility Requirements

  • Most of our classes are very hands-on.  So to successfully participate in the class you need to have the following
    • Very important: have a decent developer or analyst background.  Having some work experience in a relevant area (developer or analyst) will help you get the most out of our training
    • If you just graduated from college and don’t have work experience, we look for strong programming background
  • Have reasonable expectations:
    For example, if you have no programming background, wanting to become ‘data scientist’ is an unrealistic goal.

What do I need do to get most out of the class?

Some preparation on your own can go a long way

  • Make sure you have computer or laptop that can participate in online classes (has audio capabilities to join an online conference)

How the program works

  • You can apply for a class, but a spot is NOT guaranteed
  • Our training classes will be taught online.
  • If we have space available, we will be happy to accommodate you
  • Please note, classes can be canceled or postponed at our discretion for various reasons
  • And more importantly, please note that
    • There is no guarantee of getting a job after the class
    • We don’t place you in companies

Payment Terms

  • The classes are heavily discounted from our regular prices (Contact us for discounts)
  • Nominal deposit required to secure your seat before the class.
  • You agree to pay the balance within 6 months of landing your next job

How can I return the favor?

  • First of all, we want you to be successful in your career!
  • Following is much appreciated:
    • Give us a great testimonial (write blog, post on LinkedIn, etc.)
    • Follow us on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter) and spread the word
    • Please introduce us to your new company (most of our business comes from referrals!)
  • Help us with running future classes

How do I apply?

Right here