Leading the IoT Revolution


This IoT Revolution workshop teaches every executive and manager how they can join the IoT revolution and transform their company.

The workshop intentionally avoids going too deep into technology; however, it contains a number of labs and team exercises. As a result, the attendants will better understand the IoT: what it is, why it is unavoidable, what payback and business opportunities it offers to companies who embrace it first. Most importantly, the participants will acquire the practical skills of IoT thinking essential for today’s leaders.

Elephant Scale developed workshop material based on the bestseller, “Building the Internet of Things” and a companion workbook, both by IoT pioneer Maciej Kranz. Complementary insights from IoT insiders can be found in Maciej’s newsletter and collaboration forum.


1 day


Executives, managers. project leads, architects, developers


  • Keen interest in IoT
  • Knowledge of either the business vertical or of the enabling technologies


  • Participants will
    • Cooperatively develop the IoT vision for their company
    • Outline solutions
    • Deal with risks and human factors
    • Execute the promised payback
  • The instructor will do the demos where applicable
  • Zero Install: There is no need to install software on students’ laptop

Course Contents

Secure and Transformative IoT

    • IoT and business survival
    • Revolutionary economic opportunity
    • Why now? – Three driving trends
    • Key obstacles
    • What is covered further in the workshop and what do the labs do for you

The essence of IoT: change and transformation

    • Change is constant
    • IoT concepts and elements
    • What is digital adoption
    • Lab: predict change

IoT is real!

    • Opportunities and growth
    • IoT growth and ecosystem
    • IoT is the new way of collaboration
    • Lab: design collaboration

IoT business value proposition

    • Payback and business value
    • IoT cost justification
    • Lab: finding your data everywhere

Four fast steps to an assured IoT payback

    • Starting your first IoT project
    • Aspirational payback
    • Lab: your first winning IoT project

Making IoT work for your organization

    • More workers, different workers
    • IoT careers and you, the IoT visionary
    • Lab: HR role playing

Bringing IoT into your organization

    • Change is the new status quo
    • Golden opportunities
    • Co-economy
    • Leading the change
    • Lab: planning your company’s IoT for the next ten years

IoT under the hood

    • New security with IoT
    • Security as your IoT foundation
    • Lab: cops and robbers

Now, all together

    • Standards – why?
    • IoT frameworks
    • Business-relevant IoT activities

Haves and have-nots

    • Winners and losers
    • Time of innovation and disruption
    • IoT and co-economy
    • Uncharted but unavoidable