Git and GitHub

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October 10, 2023

Git and GitHub tools are the twin pillars of the developers’ Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery toolbox. By using these tools effectively, developers and DevOps engineers can ensure much higher quality code and better results.


3 – 4 days


Software Developers


  • familiarity with programming in at least one language
  • Basic knowledge of Linux and command line

Lab environment:

Lab environment will be provided for students.

** Zero Install:** There is no need to install software on students’ machines.

Course Outline

Introduction to Git and GitHub

  • Introduction to Version Control and Git & Git operations
  • Installation and Setup
  • Basic Git Commands
  • Creating a GitHub Account (Organization) and Repository
  • Hands-On Exercise: Your First Commit

Advanced Git Features

  • Branching and Merging
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Stashing and Cherry-Picking
  • Team Collaboration

GitHub Features and Best Practices

  • Creating a GitHub Organization
  • Pull Requests and Code Reviews
  • Webhooks
  • GitHub Actions for Automation
  • Build a CI/CD Pipeline (

Kubernetes and Sealed Secrets

  • Introduction to your environments/ Kubernetes
  • Sealed Secrets with Kube-Seal
  • Introduction to Git Operations & Git Pipelines

GitOps with Argo & Git Pipelines with Tekton

  • Implementing GitOps with Argo
  • Implementing GitPipelines with Tekton
  • Automation with Git & Best Practices