Docker for Developers

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Jan. 13, 2020


Containerization is one of the most important developments in the application deployment in many years and paves the way for many other exciting possibilities in dev/ops.

Docker is the industry-standard container format and Docker tools are the cross-platform standard for creating containers.

What you will learn

  • Containerization Technologies
  • How to use Docker
  • Details of Docker Containers


Developers, Architects


3 days


Lectures and hands-on labs. (50%, 50%)


  • Some background with Unix or Linux including the command line
  • Some knowledge of a programming language such as Java, C#, Python, Node.js, etc.

Lab environment

  • A reasonably modern laptop
  • Unrestricted connection to the Internet. Laptops with overly restrictive VPNs or firewalls may not work properly
  • Chrome browser
    • SSH client for your platform

Detailed Outline

Container Management

    • Starting & Stopping Containers
    • PID 1 and Containers
    • Deleting Containers
    • Looking inside of Containers
    • Low-Level Container Info
    • Getting a Shell in a Container
    • Wrap-up

Building from Dockerfile

    • Introducing the Dockerfile
    • Creating a Dockerfile
    • Building an image from a Dockerfile
    • Inspecting a Dockerfile from DockerHub

Working with the Registry

Creating a Public repo on Docker Hub,

    • Using our Public repo on Docker Hub,
    • Build a Private Registry,
    • Using a Private Registry,
    • Docker Hub Enterprise
    • Wrap-up

Diving Deeper into Dockerfile

    • The Build cache
    • Dockerfile and Layers
    • Building a WebServer Container
    • The CMD Instruction
    • The ENTRYPOINT Instruction
    • The ENV Instruction
    • Volumes and the VOLUME Instruction
    • Module Recap


    • docker0 bridge
    • Virtual Ethernet interfaces
    • network configuration files
    • exposing ports
    • Viewing exposed reports
    • Linking Containers
    • Recap

Troubleshooting and Debugging

    • Docker daemon logging
    • container logging
    • Planning image builds
    • Intermediate Images
    • Docker0 bridge
    • IPTables
    • Recap


    • Docker machine
    • Swarm
    • Compose