An Introduction to AI (Artificial Intelligence) and its Applications


AI is changing the world!  This course introduces Artificial Intelligence and its applications in the industry.

This high-level course is intended for managers and execs.

We will discuss

  • The evolution of AI
  • AI vocabulary and terminology
  • Where is the cutting edge research in AI is
  • What kind of applications enterprises are building leveraging AI
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • How to adopt Ai in an enterprise

This is a fun-filled, interactive seminar!   We will show plenty of demos and interactive videos to showcase AI advances.

Please note

  • This is not a hands-on class. We have other classes in Machine Learning and Deep Learning that are for hands-on


1 day


Managers and PMs and Execs

Skill Level


Course Outline

AI evolution

    • Little history
    • Recent advances in data, hardware
    • GPU vs CPU
    • Cutting edge research and applications

AI use cases

    • Example use cases across various industries

AI terminology

    • Understanding basic vocabulary in AI

Machine Learning

    • Overview of ML
    • ML algorithms and applications

Deep Learning

    • Overview of Deep Learning
    • Deep Learning algorithms and applications

AI Software ecosystem

    • Languages
    • Libraries
    • Cloud offerings

How to adopt AI in enterprises

    • Technology stack
    • Assembling an effective team
    • Process
    • Best Practices

Wrap up and next steps