AI for Testing

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June 01, 2022


  • AI is today everywhere and definitely, and it should be in the world of software itself, in particular, in the world of software testing. In this course, you will learn about the state of the art in AI for software testing, and get to practice it as well.

  • The course is intended for software architects, engineers, and testers. It gives them a practical level of experience, achieved through a combination of about 50% lecture, and 50% demo work with student’s participation.


  • After taking the course, participants will be able to

    • Find the low-hanging fruit for AI in Testing
    • Apply best practices for AI testing
    • Build well-tested applications


  • Two days


  • Software developers, testers, and group leads


  • Background in software engineering and testing
  • Familiarity with a programming language

Lab environment

  • A working environment will be provided for students.

Course Outline

AI for Software Testing

Course Outline

Introduction (2 hours)

  • AI-Initiatives
  • The Priority: Excellence
  • AI- Intelligence Types
  • The Machine Learning Types
  • The Quality Learning Initiative
  • The Inception in Academics
  • AI – Importance & Applications

The Re-visit (1 hour)

  • Learning Re-visited via AI
  • Teaching in the world of AI
  • Exploring AI for Self Development
  • AI In Academics Beyond Academics

Introduction to Machine Learning (1 hour)

  • What is Machine Learning?
  • Why Machine Learning?
  • Examples – Algorithms behind Machine Learning
  • Introduction to Deep Learning
  • What is Deep Learning?
  • Why Deep Learning?
  • Example – Deep Learning Vs Machine Learning

Introduction to Data Science (12 hours)

  • What is Data Science?
  • Why Data Science?
  • Examples – Use Cases of Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Software Testing
  • What is AI in Software Testing?
  • The Role of AI Testing
  • Why do we Need AI in Software Testing?
  • Pros and Cons of AI in Software Testing
  • Applications of AI in Software Testing
  • Is it time for Testers or QA Teams to worry about AI?
  • Automated Testing with Artificial Intelligence
  • Implementing AI in Test Automation
  • Training the AI Bots
  • Challenges with AI-powered Applications
  • Examples – Real World use cases using Artificial Intelligence
  • Demo – Facial Emotion Detection Using Artificial Intelligence
  • Demo – Text Analysis API Using Artificial Intelligence
  • Demo – EYE SPY Mobile App Using Artificial Intelligence
  • Innovative AI Test Automation Tools for the Future
  • Tools used for Implementing AI in Automation Testing
  • What is NEXT?
  • AI Test Automation Demo using Testim