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Python Outline


Python is a popular open source language. It has libraries for almost everything, including web programming, administrative tasks, system programming, mathematics, machine learning, and graphics.

This course is intended for data scientists and software engineers. It gives them practical level of experience, achieved through a combination of about 50% lecture, 50% lab work.
Duration: 3 days

Audience: Data Scientists, Developers, Administrators.


  • be able to navigate Linux command line
  • familiarity with programming

Lab environment:

Working environment will be provided for students. Students would only need an SSH client and a browser.
Zero Install: There is no need to install software on students’ machines.

Course Outline:

  • Python Introduction
    • Installing Python
    • Python Versions
    • IDEs
    • Jupyter Notebook
  • Python Language Overview and First Steps
    • Data Types
    • NumPy
    • Packages
    • Pandas
  • Python OOP
    • Classes
    • Modules/Packages
    • Python Packages
    • Data Types
  • Pandas
    • DataFrames
    • Schema inferences
    • Data exploration
  • NumPy
    • Capabilities
    • Data types
    • Packages
  • Python – DB Programming
    • Database Connectivity
    • Pandas and DB
    • ORM
  • Python – Web Programming
    • Python Web Frameworks
    • Flask
    • Restful API with Flask
  • Visualization
    • Pandas visualization
    • Matplotlib
    • Seaborn
    • Ggplot
  • Conclusion
    • Best practices
    • Future