Some of our projects are described here. As the Russian proverb goes, “A beaten one is worth two not-beaten ones”. That is, practical experience counts, and we are happy to share what we can from our solutions that worked.

Text Analytics at Memex/DARPA


  • Healthcare is entering the Big Data are. We are assisting a major hospital system so that they can

Open source

Customer 360 view for software security

  • ES recommended and implemented best practices for Hadoop & Spark implementation, whether in the cloud or in-house, determined the architecture and assisted in the implementation of the overall 360 customer view for software distribution.

Spark Meters Texas

  • The amount of data available to electric power utilities exploded: instead of one measurement per day, each house, equipped with a smart meter, delivered a reading every fifteen minutes. This is an increase of x100 times. Most utilities are now urgently working on storing and processing this data, and on putting it to good use. ES is involved in a Smart Meters projects, working with more than one utility. Being exposed to multiple requirements helps to see and deal with common trends.