Open Source

We believe in Open Source

At Elephant Scale we have benefited tremendously from open source. And we would like to give back.
Below you will find some open source projects we have done.

Elephant Scale — The company — all our projects can be found here.

Hadoop Book
Our open source, Hadoop book, freely available

Hadoop Labs
Easy to follow lab exercises and code for Hadoop, HBase and data science. These labs are part of our training. So we take good care of them.

Sexy DocBooks
A complete, usable docbooks template that looks GOOD. We spent a lot of time tweaking docbooks for our Hadoop book project, trying get a nicer look. We figure some body else might find it useful too.

Sujee Maniyam — Founder

MapReduce on HBase tutorial

How to run mapreduce on HBase Read tutorial

Hadoop DNS checker
Utility to test DNS steup on a Hadoop cluster Read tutorial

Amazon EMR Beyond Basics
Handy scripts and utlities for deploying map reduce jobs using Amazon EMR (Elastic Map Reduce) Read tutorial

Contributions to HBase
Submited various patches for HBasse project.
HBASE-4440 : Improved HBase benchmark tool
HBASE-5577 : documentation improvements

MapReduce tutorial for Java Tech Journal

Published by Java Tech Journal on their Hadoop issue on February 2012

Code for Hadoop Hackathons
Collection of code for Hadoop hackathon Sujee runs

Mark Kerzner — Founder

Free eDiscovery

Open source eDiscovery engine