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January 24, 2020: AI for Kids

A new course in the making, with practical examples to demonstrate how AI works
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Dec 13, 2019: The IoT Revolution

This teaches every executive, manager, developer, and the student of IoT how they can join the IoT revolution and transform their company.
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Nov  15, 2019: Document Classifier using BERT

Make an ensemble of classifiers (FastText, Inception, BERT), define a REST interface, and put it into production using Tensorflow-serving.,
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Oct  24, 2019: AI for Business

“AI for Business” is an overview of AI in plain language that demystifies and cuts through the jargon and hype around AI,
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Oct  11, 2019: AI for Finance

Learn how AI is evolving and applied in Financial institutions.
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Aug 30, 2019: Now anyone can Do AI With the Latest, Greatest, AI Technology from Google

Learn about the the upcoming release of Google’s Tensorflow 2.0, a major redesign of the world’s most popular Machine Learning framework.
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July 19,2019 : Deep Learning on Unstructured Text using BERT and Tensorflow

Learn about some new developments in the area of Deep Learning on Text / NLU (Natural Language Understanding).
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June 19, 2019 : AI for Cyber Security

Learn how to be proactive in the time of total hacker’s dominance
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April 12, 2019 : How to write intelligent apps for 21st century(cloud enabled apps)

We will talk about PaaS and IaaS, Kubernetes, PCF and OpenShift, and so on. All that goes into good software.
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March 15, 2019 : Webinar : Machine learning using Google cloud

In this webinar we will show you how to kick start you machine learning journey using Google platform
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Nov 09, 2018 : Webinar : Data Science With R

Learn how to use R to analyze and visualize datasets.
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Mar 13, 2017 : Webinar – Building a Successful Big Data Team

Learn how to build a successful Big Data team
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Oct 05, 2016 : Webinar : Machine Learning with Spark

Learn about Machine Learning & Spark, what you always wanted to know and confused to ask
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June 01,2016 : Webinar – Starting a Career in Big Data

Learn about starting your career in Big Data
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Jan 26, 2016 : Webinar – NoSQL for Web Developers

 Learn how to manage NoSQL database as web developers
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Oct 23,2015 : Webinar – From Hadoop to Spark

Learn everything about Apache Spark
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July 31, 2015 : Webinar – A modern data infrastructure for internet of things

Learn about reference architecture for internet of things
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