maven project pom.xml for Hadoop/HBase dependencies

If you are building a Java project that has Hadoop or HBase dependency  (for example a Java mapreduce application), here is a simple POM.xml to get you started

1) project structure:

src/main/java   <--- all the java code goes here

here is the pom.xml on github :

<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""

    <groupId>mygroup</groupId> <!-- change this -->
    <artifactId>project_name</artifactId> <!-- change this -->
    <name>Sample Project Name</name> <!-- change this -->



3) Compiling
To compile
$ mvn compile
to create jar
$ mvn package
This will create a jar file in target/ directory

4) Adding more dependencies
You can search and add dependencies from

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Sujee Maniyam

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