Deep Learning on Unstructured Text using BERT and Tensorflow (2019-07-19)

Details :
We’re going to be discussing some new developments in the area of Deep Learning on Text / NLU (Natural Language Understanding). Google has recently released a new Deep Learning model called BERT which is significantly better for these tasks than previous methods. We’ll go through an example of using BERT and how it can help in NLU and unstructured data analysis.


2019 July 19, Friday 10am PST / 12 pm CST / 1pm EST



Timothy Fox is an experienced Big Data Architect and Data Science Consultant, specializing in Machine Learning and Deep Analytics at scale. He has consulted for many companies large and small and has taken his expertise to Europe, the Middle East, and South Asia as well.Timothy is active in organizing Hadoop, Spark, and Data Science meetups as well as speaking about topics of interest to Big Data professionals.

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