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Webinar : ‘NoSQL for Web Developers’ (2016-01-27)

Update 2016-02-22  : Please see below for recordings and Q&A.           Original Annoucement We are doing a webinar with ForwardJS conference. Topic : “NoSQL for Web Developers” Time : Jan 27, 2016 10am PST Location : Online Registration : here. Speaker : Sujee Maniyam Webinar Recap Thanks for attending the webinar ; we […]

Webinar Recap: ‘A Modern Data Infrastructure for Internet of Things’ (2015-07-31)

I just wrapped up this webinar.  Thanks for all for attending! Here are the slides & recording of the webinar. recording :  And here are the slides: Questions During The Webinar Q1 : Difference between Spark Streaming and Storm Storm by default is ‘event based processing’ (one-event-at-a-time).  Using Trident on top of Storm, we can do […]