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AI for Kids (2020-01-24)

In this webinar, we will show you our new course in-the-making, “AI for Kids.”We want you to get an idea of what the┬ácourse will be, possibly teach it to your kids, and we want your feedback as well. The course is unlike other ‘general introduction’ type; instead, it will be practical and allows kids to […]

The IoT Revolution (2019-12-13)

This webinar on IoT Revolution teaches every executive, manager, developer, and the student of IoT how they can join the IoT revolution and transform their company. This webinar intentionally avoids going too deep into technology; however, it describes a number of labs and team exercises. As a result, the attendants will better understand the IoT: what it is, why it […]

“Creating an Ensemble of Document Classifiers for Production at Internet Archive” (2019-11-15)

Details : Internet Archive has a collection of 150M PDFs and wants to improve the curation of the content by identifying which PDFs are research works.This webinar is an experience report of what it is like to use transfer learning to make an ensemble of classifiers (FastText, Inception, BERT), define a REST interface, and put […]

AI for Finance (2019-10-11)

Details : AI is the new electricity. It will change the way we do everything. Financial institutions: banks, savings and loans, insurance, and mortgage companies, who are already well familiar from FinTech, are the first to derive benefit from AI. But every business can improve its money handling through AI. And the companies will soon […]

AI for Cyber Security- 2019-06-19

Details : How to be proactive in the time of the total hacker dominance? Artificial intelligence is changing the game for cyber security, analyzing massive quantities of risk data, to speed response times and augment the capabilities of under-resourced security operations. AI technologies like machine learning and natural language processing enable analysts to respond to […]