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MOOC or in-class training?

In his article, “How the pioneers of MOOC got it all wrong,” Robert Ubell quotes surprising statistics. To-day, 58 million people have signed up for an MOOC (which stands for Massive Open Online Courses), but the completion rate is between 7% to 12%. Many people quit watching after a few minutes, and many are just […]

Lawyers and Machine Learning – How a Little Learning Goes a Long Way

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are certainly all the rage today. AI will touch everyone, it will change lives and careers in a matter of years, and definitely in your lifetime. Andrew Ng, chief scientist at Chinese Internet search giant Baidu and co-inventor of the Google Brain, explains it succinctly in his interview: it used to […]

Cloud computing finally explained

From now on, we have let our illustrator loose. She bleached her hair and went on a rampage of cartoons that represent her own musings, and her own illustrations. She always wanted to be an “author who illustrates her books,” so now she has it. Is the term ‘mansplaining’ sexist? By coincidence, I came across […]

Fighting ageism – really?

March 2017 issue of SD Times has a “Fighting ageism” picture on the cover. The main article is “Old developers can learn new tricks”. The author takes a two-prong approach: quoting (rare) managers who find value in older programmers, and talking about individual older developers who are “reinventing themselves.” I need to state emphatically that […]

Teaching Big Data in Bentonville

Every time I go and work or teach at a company whose name nobody knows (this beginning can be understood in the key of “En un lugar de la Mancha, de cuyo nombre no quiero acordarme, no ha mucho tiempo que vivía un hidalgo”) – I always visit the local museum of American art. But those […]

What is Big Data?

You ask me, what is Big Data? I will tell you, it is Mr. Data in a Big City. For continued education, I will also tell you what is poetry: Definition of Poetry It’s a whistle blown ripe in a trice, It’s the cracking of ice in a gale, It’s a night that turns green […]

Review of “Spark in Action” by Petar Zecevic and Marko Bonaci (Manning)

“Spark in Action” has the standard Manning structure: it has four parts, “First Steps,” “Meet the Spark Family,” “Spark Ops,” (where “ops” stands for operations), and “Bringing it all Together.” The first part takes you from zero to using Spark on a standalone computer. The second part goes through the tools that come with Spark: […]