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Hacking Hadoop – 3

Another idea (which came about in a conversation with a security guardian at a company where I was teaching). Create millions of entries in the HDFS, and this will take it out of services. A few ways to do it: Write many small files with a script. Partition a Hive table on a key that […]

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Hacking Hadoop – 2

A while back, we described hacking Hadoop through the Cloudera Manager (CM) or through Ambari. But there is so much more to hack! Here is what I would do if I had a chance (this is just the first approximation of the list, comments are welcome). Hacking through CM or Ambari Try default passwords admin/admin Try […]

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Hacking Hadoop

How do you hack Hadoop? Here is what we did. We took our team hacker (whom we will call Mr. Hacker, because he prefers it this way), and we put him through our Hadoop Admin course. Then we constructed a Cloudera cluster and let him loose on it. At first, Mr. Hacker was going steady at […]