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Apache Kafka


This course will teach Apache Kafka – a popular message queue – to students.

What You Will Learn

  • Kafka concepts & architecture
  • How to install and configure Kafka
  • Programming for Kafka

Audience :


Duration :

two days

Format :

Lectures and hands on labs. (50%   50%)


  • comfortable with Java programming language (programming exercises are in java)
  • comfortable in Linux environment (be able to navigate Linux command line, edit files using vi / nano)

Lab environment

Zero Install : There is no need to install hadoop software on students’ machines! A lab environment in the cloud will be provided for students.

Students will need the following

  • a SSH client (Linux and Mac already have ssh clients, for Windows Putty is recommended)
  • a browser to access the cluster. We recommend Chrome browser


Detailed outline

  • Section 1: Introduction to Streaming Systems
    • Fast data
    • Streaming architecture
    • Lambda architecture
    • Message queues
    • Streaming processors
  • Section 2: Introduction to Kafka
    • Kafka architecture
    • Comparing Kafka with other queue systems (JMS / MQ)
    • Kafka concepts
    • Messages
    • Topics
    • Partitions
    • Brokers
    • Producers
    • Consumers, Consumer Groups
    • Zookeeper
    • Message retention
  • Section 3 : Programming With Kafka
    • Hardware / Software requirements
    • Installing and Configuring Kafka
    • Kafka Client API
    • Sending messages to Kafka
    • Commits and Offsets
    • Schema in Kafka (Avro)
    • Lab : Installing Kafka
    • Lab : Writing Kafka clients in Java
  • Section 4 : Kafka in Production
    • Security
      How secure Kafka, and secure client communications (SASL, Kerberos)
    • Monitoring : monitoring tools
    • Capacity Planning : estimating usage and demand

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