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Elephant Scale Sandbox

This is a fully stocked sandbox virtual image that is setup up to run Big Data and Data Science applications right on your laptop.

This sandbox is a replica of our cloud-VM that we use for training.  We are making this available so students can practice on their own.

Github home :


Running Big Data applications (Spark / Cassandra / Hadoop) can be a little convoluted because of all the dependencies. This can be even more of a hassle in Windows. We hope this VM Sandbox will make things easier.

Where to get it?

Currently OVA based virtual machine image is available.
Docker images coming ‘soon’.
Note : These are LARGE downloads (~10G in size). Download when you have good bandwidth.

How to run it?

  • You need a virtual machine ‘player’. Any of these would work:
  • Download the latest sandbox image
  • Double click on the ‘OVA’ file open it.


Login : student
password : bigdata123

See intro lab for a screencast.


  • Use VM GUI : when you open this OVA file in a VM environment you will be logged into the Ubuntu desktop
  • SSH via port 22
  • from host machine
     $ ssh -l student -p 2222 localhost

What can I run?

This VM is tested with following Big Data stack.

  • Spark v1.6 and Spark v2.x
  • Cassandra v3.x
  • Kafka v0.10
  • Storm v1.x
  • Zookeeper v3.4.8


If you are enrolled in our classes, you will get a lab bundle. Also you can run any open source labs as well.

Sample Labs

  1. Introduction
  2. Running Spark
  3. Running Cassandra

Checkout our Sandbox channel for more videos.

Software Installed


See version history in changelog


We welcome your feedback about the sandbox.

  • send an email to
  • or open a issue at the Github page
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